Short institutional video in the occasion of IADIZA’s 50th anniversary (25-08-2022).
Interview with Virginia Chirilá in podcast Salta al Mundo (jump to minute 37:15 to go straight to interview). (14-04-2022)
Interview with Diego in Radio Nacional Mendoza/Radio Libertador. (20-10-2021)

Article in Unidiversidad on María Pascual Tudanca’s research on the impact of managed honeybee hives on native plants and bees in Villavicencio Nature Reserve. (19-05-2021)

Article in Página/12 about Diego and his research. (04-06-2020)

Interview with Diego in Radio Nacional Mendoza. (23-08-2018)

Articles in Los Andes (11-07-2018) and Unidiversidad (04-06-2021) on Juan Manuel Drack’s undergraduate research on the morphological response of a cactus to cement dust pollution.

Interview in Página/12 with Diego. (05-05-2010)