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María Pascual Tudanca defended her thesis on the impacts of honeybees on native plants

This morning María defended her undergraduate (licenciatura) thesis at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the National University of Cuyo. María studied the impacts of managed honeybees on pollination and plant reproduction of two native shrubs, Larrea divaricata

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Claudia Luna will be visiting us from La Serena

Claudia Luna Morales, a Ph.D. student from the University of La Serena, Chile, will be visiting us for a week to work on analyses of her thesis work. Claudia is studying the responses of plant-frugivore interaction networks to fragmentation in

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Annual group retreat in El Leoncito Astronomical Complex

Last week we had our annual group retreat, this time in El Leoncito Astronomical Complex, located in El Leoncito National Park, San Juan. The idea of the retreat is to mix academic activity with walks in natural areas and other

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Agustín Vitali is visiting from Bariloche

Agustín Vitali, a Ph.D. from INIBIOMA (CONICET-Comahue National University), Bariloche, is visiting us for three weeks to work on a thesis chapter/paper about the impact of introduced ungulates on plant-animal mutualisms. Welcome Agustín!

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Successful fellowship applications for three current and future lab members

We have recently heard excellent news regarding applications for research fellowships. María Pascual Tudanca was awarded a CIN fellowship from the National Interuniversity Council of Argentina to conduct research with our group to finish her undergraduate studies at the National

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Benjamin Schwarz is visiting from Freiburg

Benjamin Schwarz, a doctoral student from the University of Freiburg, will be working with us until March 2019. During his Ph.D. research he is stuying the daily and seasonal dynamics of ecological interaction networks under the mentorship of Jochen Fründ,

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Mica is in Helsinki for a stay with Tomas Roslin’s group

Micaela Santos is in Finland to spend four months with Tomas Roslin and his group at the University of Helsinki. She will be collaborating with Tomas in the analysis of her doctoral thesis data on plant-insect herbivore-parasitoid food webs in

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Oportunidades para estudiantes de grado para 2018-2019

Estamos buscando estudiantes de grado altamente motivados para realizar investigación en ecología y en condiciones de empezar con su tesina. También hay posibilidades de realizar voluntariados de investigación (cortos y no rentados) para participar de los proyectos del laboratorio. Los interesados

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Edgar Chávez González is visiting our lab

This week we received the visit of Edgar Chávez González, master’s student at the Institute of Ecology in Xalapa, México. He will be with us until early August, collaborating with Diego in the study of the temporal dynamics of plant-hummingbird

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Third annual group retreat

Recently we had our third annual group retreat, following the success of the retreats in previous years (see here and here). This year, each participant had to give a talk on our research, with no visual aids (no PowerPoint) and

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