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Third annual group retreat

Recently we had our third annual group retreat, following the success of the retreats in previous years (see here and here). This year, each participant had to give a talk on our research, with no visual aids (no PowerPoint) and

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Second annual group retreat in Ñacuñán

We are back from our second annual group retreat, held at the Biological Station of Ñacuñán Biosphere Reserve. Following the success of our first retreat last year, we decided to establish the group retreat as a yearly activity. The idea is to have

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Nati gave talk at International Junior Science Olympiad

Nati, with Daniela Rodriguez (IADIZA) and Valeria Aschero (IANIGLA, and former lab member), gave a talk on the scientific inquiry process to participants of the 11th International Junior Science Olympiad, which was held recently in Mendoza. They guided an international audience

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