Thesis submission time in the lab

One undergraduate and three doctoral theses by lab members have just been submitted for evaluation. Juan Manuel Drack turned in his undergraduate thesis, a study of the effects of cement dust produced by a cement factory on the morphology of a cactus. Belén Maldonado’s doctoral thesis is an investigation of the ecological functions (seed dispersal, nutrient cycling) performed by an assemblage of dung beetles, and how these functions change along an aridity gradient. Ana Mazzolari’s doctoral thesis is an analysis of the ecological factors that influence the invasion by two rose species (Rosa canina and R. rubiginosa) in the Province of Mendoza. Finally, Nydia Vitale’s doctoral thesis is a comparative study of the ecology of solitary carder bees (genus Anthidium in the family Megachilidae) in the Villavicencio Nature Reserve, Mendoza, and their potential response to climate change. An excellent sample of the breadth of ecological topics studied in our group.

Congratulations to all four! This is the product of years of passionate hard work. Now to relax, wait for the reviews, and work on publishing the chapters! Stay tuned for news about the defenses!

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