Landscape connectivity explains interaction network patterns at multiple scales

Limit between a vineyard (left) and a remant of Monte desert natural vegetation (right) in Valle de Uco (Mendoza, Argentina).

Recently I published a paper assessing the extent to which fragment connectivity and area explain patterns in interaction structure among four herbivore insect guilds and their host plants. We studied natural communities in habitat fragments surrounded by vineyards in Valle de Uco (Mendoza) where we expected to see empoverished communities in small and isolated fragments. Our findings allowed us to understand a new dimension of fragment connectivity related to similarity in plant composition among fragments beyond their geographical distances. Furthermore, we found that size not always matters. Read the paper and find out why!     

This is the first paper of my doctoral thesis which was mentored by Diego and Luciano Cagnolo. But this paper would have never been possible without the collaboration of the other co-authors: Hugo Marrero (the fieldwork enthusiastic colleague that everyone wants to have) and Tomas Roslin (my host during a wonderful stay in Finland).

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