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Landscape connectivity explains interaction network patterns at multiple scales

Recently I published a paper assessing the extent to which fragment connectivity and area explain patterns in interaction structure among four herbivore insect guilds and their host plants. We studied natural communities in habitat fragments surrounded by vineyards in Valle

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Mica is in Helsinki for a stay with Tomas Roslin’s group

Micaela Santos is in Finland to spend four months with Tomas Roslin and his group at the University of Helsinki. She will be collaborating with Tomas in the analysis of her doctoral thesis data on plant-insect herbivore-parasitoid food webs in

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Micaela Santos will join the lab in 2015 as a doctoral student

Micaela Santos has been awarded a CONICET doctoral fellowship to work on habitat and interaction networks in fragmented landscapes. She will be supervised by Diego and by Luciano Cagnolo (CONICET-UN Córdoba). Welcome Mica!

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