Third annual group retreat

Recently we had our third annual group retreat, following the success of the retreats in previous years (see here and here). This year, each participant had to give a talk on our research, with no visual aids (no PowerPoint) and targeted to the general public. It was a fun exercise, as it forced us to focus on the essentials and forget about the bells and whistles of electronic media. We also had discussions on how to make our research more relevant for society, an introduction to the world of drones (led by Nati Schroeder) and of course a walk to the nearby Mendoza river. All in the great setting in the mountains of Colonia Suiza in Mendoza. A great experience we’ll surely repeat in future years.


The retreat’s participants viewed from Nati’s drone. Clockwise from the top: Natalia Schroeder, Hugo Marrero, Nydia Vitale, Micaela Santos, Jimena Dorado, Diego Vázquez, Laura Dällenbach.


Listening to Mica’s talk on fragmentation and food web structure.

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