Back from workshop on temporal mutualistic networks

I just came back from the workshop Adding the temporal scale to plant-animal mutualistic networks, which I organized with Tiffany Knight. The attendees included colleagues from Germany, the USA, China and Argentina (see group photo below). Our goal was to start work towards conceptual and data-based syntheses involving the inclusion of the temporal dimension in the study of plant-animal mutualistic networks. And we made good progress towards this goal! The workshop was generously sponsored by the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies and the Humboldt Foundation, and was held at the Waldhof, in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

Participants of workshop on temporal mutualistic networks

Participants of workshop on temporal mutualistic networks, November 5-10, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. From left to right: Benoit Gauzens, Qiang Fang, Julian Resasco, Nico Blüthgen, Benjamin Schwarz, Jochen Fründ, Rachael Winfree, Tiffany Knight, Carsten Dormann, Paul CaraDonna, Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury, Laura Burkle, Gita Benadi and Diego Vázquez. The broom at the far right of the picture represents the sweeping influence of the temporal scale on the structure and dynamics of plant-animal mutualistic networks.

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