Annual group retreat in El Leoncito Astronomical Complex

Last week we had our annual group retreat, this time in El Leoncito Astronomical Complex, located in El Leoncito National Park, San Juan. The idea of the retreat is to mix academic activity with walks in natural areas and other fun activities. It is the fourth time we do this activity, and it was as successful as in previous years (see the accounts of previous retreats here, here and here).

Retreat participants in Pampa del Leoncito. From left to right: Eugenia Vázquez Novoa, Micaela Santos, Lisi Álvarez, María Pascual Tudanca, Nydia Vitale, Joana Haedo, Florencia Miguel, Hugo Marrero, Mariana Allasino, Virginia Chirilá and Diego Vázquez.

We were eleven participants this year: eight from our group in Mendoza plus Hugo and Joana from Bahía Blanca and Mariana from San Juan. Each of us had to give a 10-min talk about our research, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. We also did a hike to mount El Leoncito and to El Rincón fall, a night sky observation, played board games after dinner, and visited Pampa del Leoncito, a flat depression formed by sediments. The Astronomical Complex, run by CONICET, is a perfect setting for this kind of activities, as it combines impressive infrastructure for lodging and meal services plus a great natural setting away from the city noise.

The group during the night sky observation, with the Milky Way behind.
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One comment on “Annual group retreat in El Leoncito Astronomical Complex
  1. EDGAR says:

    Woow¡ The place seems amazing, and the retreat idea is even more wonderful¡ Best wishes.


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