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Jimena Dorado visited Germany to attend a workshop

Jimena was recently in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, attending a workshop on trap-nest food webs (host-parasite interaction networks involving wood-nesting hymenopterans). The workshop, organized by Jochen Fründ, Alex Klein and Teja Tscharnkte, involved colleagues from Germany, Switzerland, Canada, the US and Argentina.

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Flower diversity and the reproduction of solitary bees

Post contributed by Jimena Dorado A paper evaluating whether diverse flower communities favor pollinator reproduction just came out in PeerJ. This paper came out from my PhD thesis, in which I was mentored by Diego Vázquez. We had previously found that diverse

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Jimena Dorado and Natalia Schroeder become CONICET assistant researchers

Former lab’s doctoral student Jimena Dorado (left) and current lab’s post-doc Natalia Schroeder (right) will soon become CONICET assistant researchers. As such, they will continue being involved in our group’s activities. Congratulations Jime and Nati!

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Stability-diversity relationship in floral resources

A new paper on the diversity-stability relationship in floral resources is out in Oikos. This is one of Jimena Dorado’s doctoral thesis. Really cool stuff. Check it out!

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