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Nati will spend three months in a research center in the USA

Natalia Schroeder will spend three months at the Forestry and Range Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northwest Research Station of the Forest Service in La Grande, Oregon, USA. She will be collaborating with Michael Wisdom, Mary Rowland and Ryan Nielson in her ongoing research on spacial

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Jimena Dorado and Natalia Schroeder become CONICET assistant researchers

Former lab’s doctoral student Jimena Dorado (left) and current lab’s post-doc Natalia Schroeder (right) will soon become CONICET assistant researchers. As such, they will continue being involved in our group’s activities. Congratulations Jime and Nati!

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Nati gave talk at International Junior Science Olympiad

Nati, with Daniela Rodriguez (IADIZA) and Valeria Aschero (IANIGLA, and former lab member), gave a talk on the scientific inquiry process to participants of the 11th International Junior Science Olympiad, which was held recently in Mendoza. They guided an international audience

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Dynamics of guanaco-livestock interactions

Nati published a paper in PLoS ONE on the spatial and seasonal dynamics of abundance and distribution of guanacos and Livestock. Check it out!

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